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Certify Champions, Ambassadors & Key Employees in OKRs

Behind every successful OKRs implementation is a dedicated OKRs Champion. Consider this person to be your in-house OKRs expert as well as the logistical and philosophical driving force behind the effort. Among the OKR Champion’s many crucial duties are: guiding and synchronizing the OKRs Journey, inspiring and motivating employees to take risks and excel, serving as the in-house go-to resource for OKRs training and support, and collaborating with the C-level suite on progress.

Team-level OKRs Ambassadors are also vital to an effective OKRs program. This group will act as subject matter experts to ensure high-quality OKRs that demonstrate strategic alignment and drive cross-functional collaboration. It is crucial for the success of your OKRs effort that your Champion, Ambassadors and Team Leads receive the best training available and we are the global leader in OKRs Training and Certification.

Thanks Kevin, for this wonderful workshop. Valuable knowledge and great presentation, enlightening guest speakers, wonderful participants, with valuable experiences and practices shared during the sessions.
Highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get the latest trends of the performance management systems.

– Mahmoud A.

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Become a Certified Objective & Key Results Professional (COKRP)

Develop the skills necessary to

  • Successfully launch and facilitate an OKRs implementation in your organization utilizing our proven 4-step process
  • Get your business laser focused on what matters most, both strategically as well as tactically
  • Craft and write technically sound Objectives that properly ladder into the Company’s broader strategy
  • Craft and write Key Results that measure business impact, not output!
  • Align your entire enterprise around a common strategic direction
  • Facilitate teams in meaningful dialogue as they create and align their own OKRs
  • Conduct mid-quarter and quarterly reviews for cross-functional learning
  • Create healthy habits to build and grow your OKRs muscle
OKRs Certification

In this training you will learn

OKRstraining.com is proud to offer our comprehensive OKRs Certification program for your internal OKR Champion, Ambassadors, Team Leads and OKRs Coaches. Some of what we cover in this 12-hour virtual​ program includes:

OKRs Certification
  • History of OKRs and best practices in Change Management.
  • The ABCs of OKRs – what are they and how do they work?
  • Case studies in OKRs.
  • OKRs implementation strategy – every organization is the same but different.
  • Writing/creating effective OKRs (including practice/discussion).
  • Aligning OKRs throughout the entire enterprise for transparency & focus.
  • Cross-walking OKRs into existing strategic frameworks for seamless execution.
  • Employee engagement – what is it and why is it so important?
  • Do’s and Do Not’s of OKRs implementation.
  • Creating a Scorecard of Health Metrics; understanding the ‘dance’ between KPIs and OKRs.
  • Managing with OKRs and OKR Diagnostics – you aren’t hitting your target, now what?
  • The OKRsTraining.com Framework – teaching you to fish!
  • OKRsTraining.com Tool Kit – setting you up for success.
  • OKRs Software – What’s out there and how it can help.

Kick start your OKRs effort, train key employees and build internal capacity for your OKRs implementation through this world class OKRs Champion Certification program.

Upcoming OKRs Certification Classes

Virtual Workshop:

(Pre-Register for Dates and Times) Now only $595 US Best Value-to-Dollar Training on the Market!

All Registrants Receive a Student Packet that includes

  • An e-copy of Objectives & Key Results, Driving Focus, Alignment and Engagement with OKRs, by Paul Niven
  • Our popular e-book, the ABCs of OKRs
  • Self-Assessment Tool for OKRs Facilitation Mastery
  • Copy of all Slides from all 6 Training Sessions, plus Case Studies
  • Our complete Suite of OKRs Tools for Sustainability
  • Software demo package

All Certified OKRs Professionals are eligible to join our Certified OKR Professional Alumni network.

All COKRP Graduates are eligible to join our Certified OKR Professional Alumni network. This Linked In group exists to share ideas, exchange best practices, host brainstorming sessions, monthly access to OKRsTraining.com Global Coaches for open discussions, blog articles and more. Just one more benefit from becoming a Certified OKR Professional from OKRsTraining.com. Register today to complete our on-line certification process and become a COKRP Alumni.

What Our Graduates Are Saying….

“Paul and Kevin’s way of teaching is definitely one of the best I’ve seen especially for a complicated subject like OKRs. They presented the course material clearly, backed up with real world examples that are designed to show the key points and concepts. By taken the time in class and out to answer any questions, they provided a unique opportunity to fill my glass full with the knowledge I needed to facilitate actionable conversations with leaders inside my organization. Highly recommend this great opportunity.”

– Paul Greco (SAgile Transformation Coach)


“Best value to dollar OKRs training on the global market today.”– Kim (Just 3 Things)

Kevin Baum, Global OKRs Coach and OKR Certification Trainer

Author and consultant Kevin Baum is a strategy execution and performance management master. Kevin’s passion is to help organizations large and small get laser-focused on why they exist, for whom, in order to achieve what results…and how to measure, monitor and improve those results. Since 2003 Kevin has worked with hundreds of organizations across the world as a strategy execution and OKRs Coach. Kevin is widely recognized for his ability to develop results measures for activities that do not lend themselves to easy statistical manipulation, and his signature peer-reviewed article, “When an Inspector Calls”, was translated into over a dozen languages and circulated around the world. Kevin’s book, “Lessons From the Line, Why Every Leader Should Be A Firefighter For a Day,” is a leadership classic. Since 2019, Kevin has trained more than 1000 professionals from over 6 continents and dozens of countries as OKR Professionals. You can read more about Global OKRs Coach Kevin Baum here

Kevin Baum

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Obtaining OKRs Certification from OKRs Training is a game-changer for individuals and businesses alike. Our certification program goes beyond just providing a piece of paper; it equips participants with the knowledge and skills to become certified professionals in the field of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). As a certified practitioner, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the OKRs methodology, allowing you to effectively align organizational goals, track progress, and foster a culture of transparency and accountability within your teams. You will become a master at setting measurable objectives that drive results.

Our comprehensive certification program covers all the key elements of OKRs management. Through interactive courses led by industry-leading experts, you will learn how to write effective objectives, align them within your organization's systems, and connect them to individual performance. You'll also discover how agile leadership can be used to drive success. By becoming certified through our program, you join an elite group of professionals who have been trained by the best in the business. Our certification holds immense value in today's competitive job market as organizations increasingly seek individuals who can strategically set goals and manage performance. Not only does our certification provide personal growth opportunities but it also benefits businesses by improving collaboration among teams, enhancing decision-making processes, and boosting employee engagement.

With this certificate under your belt, you'll be able to coach others on implementing OKRs frameworks tailored specifically to their business objectives. At OKRs Training, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality education without breaking the bank. That's why our certification program is not only affordable but also includes all necessary resources for success. We are committed to empowering individuals like yourself with the tools they need to unlock their full potential. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Contact us today for more information about our latest course offerings or attend one of our upcoming sessions. Take the first step towards becoming a certified OKRs professional and realize your true potential in goal-setting and performance management.

  • Our OKRs Certification is a process that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement and manage Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) within an organization.
  • Obtaining an OKRs Certification from us demonstrates a level of expertise and competence in using OKRs as a goal-setting and performance management framework.
  • Our OKRs Certification program covers topics such as the fundamentals of OKRs, best practices for setting objectives and key results, aligning OKRs with organizational goals, and measuring and tracking progress.
  • By earning an OKRs Certification, individuals can enhance their career prospects and credibility in the field of goal-setting and performance management.
  • OKRs Certification can be beneficial for professionals working in various roles, including managers, team leaders, project managers, and HR professionals.
  • Organizations often value employees with OKRs Certification as they can contribute to the successful implementation and adoption of OKRs throughout the company.
  • OKRs Certification can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of OKRs, improve goal alignment and transparency within teams, and drive overall organizational performance.
  • Continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest OKRs practices is important even after obtaining certification to ensure ongoing effectiveness in utilizing OKRs.