Remote OKR Coaching

Global Remote OKR Coaching & Consulting Services

Already have OKRs in place and just looking for some additional perspective and advice from one of our coaches? Not a problem, that’s why we offer Remote OKRs Coaching. Save those travel expenses and work with our team remotely to review and assess your current OKRs efforts. Here is a partial list of popular topics during remote coaching sessions:

  • Alignment with strategy
  • Alignment with other OKRs throughout the organization
  • Robustness of your OKRs implementation using our OKRs Best Practice Maturity Model
  • Assess the goals for the OKRs program
  • Ensure your OKRs Scoring System aligns with best practices
  • Review your OKRs Cadence against best practices
  • Introduction of our OKRs Tool Kit