Remote OKRs Coaching

Global Remote OKR Coaching & OKRs Consulting Services

Grounded by the pandemic? Not a problem, we are the leader in Remote OKRs Coaching. Work with our coaches remotely to train your people on OKRs, create OKRs for your team, review and assess your current OKRs efforts, or conduct quarterly diagnostics. Here is a partial list of popular topics during remote coaching sessions:

  • Three webinar training series: OKRs Fundamentals, Managing with OKRs, OKRs Landmines and Traps
  • Full OKRs Implementation – a 6-week quick launch into OKRs
  • Alignment with other OKRs throughout the organization
  • Robustness of your OKRs implementation using our OKRs Best Practice Maturity Model
  • Ensure your OKRs Scoring System aligns with best practices
  • Review your OKRs Cadence against best practices
  • Introduction of our OKRs Tool Kit