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Certified Objectives and Key Results Professional Training,
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  • The online course includes 6 sessions, 2-hour sessions across 2 weeks.
    April – 2-hour sessions: 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30 from 1200-1400 CST (except for day one, which is three hours)
    You must attend all 6 sessions within a training program to get certified.
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    The curriculum and methodologies used in the OKRP certification program are proprietary and the sole intellectual property of The Senalosa Group, parent company to Any use of the material or methods presented in this training beyond internal facilitation within your own organization in the absence of a formal Affiliate or Associate agreement with The Senalosa Group is prohibited. Management consultants and thought leaders are welcome to become COKRP, and we encourage their participation; however, they must sign an Associate or Affiliate agreement to utilize the intellectual property presented in this course for personal or business gain.
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