Our OKRs Coaches

Our Team of Global OKR Consultants

Paul Niven – Global OKR Coach

Paul Niven is a consultant, author, and noted speaker on the subjects of OKRs, strategy execution, and the Balanced Scorecard. Paul works with clients around the globe, helping them develop and execute their unique strategies. Paul’s clients include: Anheuser-Busch, Panasonic, the United States Navy, World Vision, and many others.  Paul is the author of six highly acclaimed books, which have been translated in over 15 languages around the globe.

Zack Ross – Global OKR Coach

Zack Ross is a 19 year veteran of the technology industry and has worked at a large variety of companies from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations. Zack is currently a Senior Technical Program Manager for VMware headquartered in Palo Alto, California.  His area of focus is enterprise architecture and mobile app development. Prior to his current role, Zachary worked at Google building their AI Assistant that connects users seamlessly across Google’s products and services.  In this role, Zack drove engineering teams to align departmental objectives with company strategy.  Additionally, Zachary is a mentor with Google’s Startup initiative which is a program that helps early stage startups build and scale great AI-first companies. Zack also worked at Amazon where he led initiatives to expand Amazon’s footprint into European markets. Zack has also worked for AT&T and several start-ups both in the US and Europe.  Through his partnership with Okrstraining.com, Zachary consults globally with large and small organizations to help them align company strategy with OKRs.

Kevin Baum – Global OKR Coach

Author and consultant Kevin Baum is passionate about helping organizations large and small get laser-focused on why they exist, for whom, in order to achieve what outcomes – and how to measure, monitor and improve those results. Since 2003 Kevin has worked with more than 350 organizations across the world as a strategy execution and performance management coach. Kevin depth of knowledge as a consultant and facilitator spans the spectrum of organizational life – from every level of government, to non-profit, private equity, privately-owned, publicly traded, start-up, Fortune 10 companies and everything in between.  Prior to becoming a consultant, Kevin spent 20 years as a government executive, and in that capacity developed a deep and rich appreciation for results metrics as tools to drive decision-making.  Kevin is widely recognized for his ability to develop results measures for outcomes that do not lend themselves to easy statistical manipulation, and his signature peer-reviewed article, ‘When an Inspector Calls, How to Measure the Unmeasurable’, was translated into over a dozen languages and circulated around the world.  Kevin is a popular speaker and trainer and talks regularly on leadership, OKR and organizational strategy.

At OKRs Training, we offer top-notch OKRs Coaching services. Our experienced coaches are well-versed in the art of aligning organizational goals with individual objectives, using the powerful OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) framework. Through our coaching sessions, executives gain a deep understanding of the OKRs methodology and learn how to effectively implement it within their teams.

Our OKRs Coaching program focuses on helping executives set ambitious yet achievable objectives, define key results that drive progress, and establish a culture of transparency and accountability. We understand that successful OKRs implementation requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our coaches work to provide guidance, support, and practical strategies to overcome challenges and maximize the potential of OKRs in driving business growth and success.

Benefits of Our Coaching Services

Our OKRs coaching program provides numerous benefits for teams. By leveraging the power of OKRs, teams can enhance their focus, alignment, and accountability. Our coaches guide teams in setting objectives that are challenging, inspiring, and aligned with the overall business goals. They also help teams define key results that are measurable, time-bound, and actionable, ensuring that progress can be tracked effectively. Through regular coaching sessions, teams gain valuable insights on how to prioritize their efforts, make data-driven decisions, and adapt their strategies to achieve optimal outcomes. With OKRs coaching from OKRs Training, teams can unlock their full potential and drive exceptional performance.

Coaching for Productivity

At OKRs Training, we offer comprehensive coaching programs to enhance productivity through the implementation of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). By adopting OKRs, businesses can align their teams and individuals towards common goals, fostering a culture of accountability and driving productivity to new heights. Our coaching programs provide organizations with the necessary tools and guidance to effectively set ambitious objectives and define measurable key results. Through regular check-ins and performance tracking, we help businesses stay on track and make data-driven adjustments to ensure optimal productivity and success.

Unlocking Potential

With our OKRs coaching, businesses can unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results. Our experienced coaches work closely with organizations to develop a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges. Through personalized guidance, we help businesses create a clear roadmap for success, breaking down objectives into actionable and measurable key results. Our coaching programs empower teams and individuals to take ownership of their goals, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation. By implementing OKRs and receiving ongoing coaching support, businesses can drive productivity, enhance collaboration, and ultimately achieve their desired outcomes in the competitive landscape of the United States.

Benefits of Goal Alignment

OKRs Coaching provides several benefits for goal alignment. Firstly, it enables businesses to foster a culture of transparency and accountability. By setting clear objectives and key results, employees have a better understanding of what is expected from them and how their individual efforts contribute to the overall success of the organization. Secondly, OKRs Coaching encourages collaboration and cross-functional alignment. By sharing objectives and key results across teams and departments, employees can identify opportunities for collaboration and ensure that their goals are aligned with the broader organizational objectives. This not only enhances teamwork but also improves efficiency and eliminates silos within the organization.

OKRs Coaching for Organizational Change

Organizational change is a crucial aspect of any business's growth and success. OKRs coaching provides a valuable tool for facilitating this change and driving progress within companies. By setting clear objectives and key results, OKRs coaching helps organizations define their goals and align their teams towards achieving them. Through regular coaching sessions, employees can gain a deeper understanding of the OKRs framework and learn how to effectively implement it in their daily work. This coaching process fosters a culture of accountability, transparency, and collaboration, which are essential for driving organizational change and achieving desired outcomes.

Transforming Businesses

In the dynamic business landscape around the globe, OKRs coaching has emerged as a transformative force for organizations seeking to adapt and thrive. With the guidance of OKRs coaches, businesses can navigate the complexities of change and leverage the power of the OKRs methodology to drive growth and innovation. Through personalized coaching sessions, employees gain the necessary skills and knowledge to set ambitious objectives, define measurable key results, and track progress effectively. This coaching approach empowers individuals and teams to take ownership of their goals and make data-driven decisions, leading to improved performance, increased productivity, and ultimately, organizational success.


  • OKRs coaching is a process that helps individuals and teams set and achieve their objectives and key results (OKRs).
  • Coaching in relation to OKRs focuses on providing guidance, support, and feedback to ensure effective implementation and progress towards goals.
  • OKRs coaching involves working with a coach who has expertise in OKRs methodology and can help individuals and teams align their objectives with organizational goals.
  • The coach helps in defining clear and measurable objectives and key results that are ambitious yet achievable.
  • Coaching sessions often include regular check-ins to track progress, identify challenges, and provide guidance on how to overcome them.
  • OKRs coaching encourages a growth mindset, fostering continuous learning and improvement.
  • Coaches help individuals and teams prioritize their objectives and key results to ensure focus on the most impactful areas.
  • Effective OKRs coaching involves providing constructive feedback and support to help individuals and teams stay on track and make necessary adjustments.
  • Coaching sessions may also involve exploring strategies and tactics to overcome obstacles and achieve desired outcomes.
  • OKRs coaching can enhance collaboration, alignment, and accountability within teams and across the organization.