Full OKR Implementation

Transform Your Organization with OKR

Ready to hire an OKRs Expert to help with an enterprise-wide implementation? We’ve been the partner of choice for organizations around the globe and would love the opportunity to assist you. Here’s how it works…

Using our proven four-step OKRs Framework to guide and inspire your team, we’ll deliver a combination of on-site and off-site work designed to:

  • Provide foundational OKRs training and education to your leadership team and participating groups/teams
  • Facilitate Corporate level OKRs
  • Facilitate OKRs with each team lead as they sharpen OKRs skills
  • Ensure alignment and transparency of Corporate and Team in OKRs
  • Draft a customized OKRs Playbook for your implementation with your OKRs Champion
  • Institutionalize our proven ’90-Day Roadmap’ to lay a solid foundation for your OKR Implementation
  • Participate in calls with your OKRs Champion and Team leads to answer any questions on OKRs and the implementation process, with timely feedback and recommendations
  • Lead multiple OKRs coaching sessions with each Business Unit and Team leads as they sharpen their OKRs skills

Our Suite of OKR Tools

We know that your success depends largely on how you build internal capacity to sustain the effort. That’s why we built our OKRs Tool Kit. In this comprehensive suite of tools you will find everything you need to succeed with your OKRs effort and build internal capacity.

Each full OKRs Implementation comes with our powerful Suite of OKRs Tools, including:

  • OKRs Implementation Playbook
    Key Principles for OKRs success!
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answer questions fast and get everybody on the same script
  • OKRs Champion Job Description and Success Factors
    Who, why, how?
  • OKRs Ambassador Job Description and Success Factors
    Share best practices to accelerate your success
  • OKRs Best Practice Checklist
    Learn from the pros
  • OKRs Meeting Rituals and Meeting Templates
    Meetings can be fun – we promise!
  • 90-Day Roadmap
    Your Yellow Brick Road
  • OKRs Maturity Model
    Test yourself against the best