Our OKRs Coaching Philosophy


With most consulting and training firms, customizing engagements to fit client needs is the exception. At OKRsTraining.com it’s how we do business. Based on our proven process, each OKR Implementation is approached with a standard set of tools. However, no two engagements are the same, and using the tools as the situation dictates maximizes client success. Our clients tell us time and again that they value this flexibility.



  • Analyze each client’s unique situation to ensure the best (most appropriate) approach is applied.
  • Alter the design and scope of the work throughout the implementation, as we learn more about the client’s situation.
  • Utilize customized tools, techniques, and facilitation methods to ensure client success.

“Finding the right approach to OKRs is one of the keys in getting them adopted. OKRsTRaining.com helped us figure out a solution that worked for us, and what we were looking to achieve with OKRs. They were a strategic partner, helping us to roll out the right program.” – Madlyn Del Monte, Change Management Lead, Fortune 100 Global B2B company


Your organization and the challenges you face may be complex, but the best solutions are simple and pragmatic. Our job (and we love doing it!) is to comb the academic literature for the latest insights, study best practices from around the globe, and draw from previous client experiences to ensure we’re providing the best OKR solution to meet your unique needs.



  • Translate academic concepts into tools that are accessible for all organizations.
  • Focus on simple and pragmatic solutions to the challenges our clients face.
  • Create and deploy simple yet powerful tools and techniques to create robust deliverables.

“Paul Niven makes the process of learning and implementing these tools seamless. And his storytelling during workshops makes a typically dry subject of Performance Measurement very enjoyable and motivating.” – Nicole Suydam, Chief Executive Officer, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County (CA.)


The more we’ve learned about OKRs and strategy execution, the more it becomes clear that a successful OKR implementation is as much about leading change as it is about creating robust strategies, objectives, and key results. Therefore, we’ve conducted extensive research on change management to include key change techniques in our engagements.



  • Recognize that change management is vital to strategy and execution success.
  • Include change management techniques in each engagement.
  • Customize change interventions to suit each OKR implementation.

“Performance Management excellence is as complex as it is critical to maintaining a company’s competitive edge and delivering long-term sustainable growth. Paul Niven’s leadership provides you with the guidance and change management necessary to successfully implement your management system.” – Allan MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation